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After almost two years of intensive research, the EcoReFibre (Ecological solutions for recovery of secondary materials from post-consumer fibreboards) consortium met in Germany in April to consider interim research results.

In May 2022, Dieffenbacher and 19 organisations from seven countries joined forces in the European Union’s 12 million euro project. It aims to recycle fibreboards at the end of their life cycle and use the recycled wood fibres to produce new fibreboard. Stergios Adamopoulos, professor of Wood Science and Technology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, is the consortium leader.

During the practical demonstration on the first day of the meeting, fibreboard material was shredded to chip size by Dieffenbacher’s single-shaft shredder and fed into a Dieffenbacher ClassiSizer. “The ClassiSizer reduces the fibreboard material to the desired particle size,” explains Jean-Christophe Zimmermann, Dieffenbacher’s Recycling Business Unit head of sales.

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