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When Dayne Wright, from Millennia Architects, unleashed his creativity on the structures and designs of a resort at an Eastern Cape private game reserve, he went out on a limb. He included the first curved free-form CLT structures in South Africa.

The project is a dream fantasy in the aesthetics, design, proportion, and form of massive, sharply curved gluelam beams forming rhino horns and “floating” canopies above the hotel and accommodation units.

A rendering is one thing, but making it come to life requires courage to experiment and confidence founded on a knowledge of wood, timber engineering, woodworking machinery and tools, cabinetmaking skills, and experience. MEWA’s successful design, manufacturing, installation and finishing of the curved laminated Green Point Dome made us the first port of call.

However, without the safety net of other companies or individuals having built this before, we were very much alone in our new timber engineering exploration world, yet again…

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