The Wood-Mizer stand was popular at Nampo 2022

The Wood-Mizer stand was popular at Nampo 2022.

Wood-Mizer pulled out the stops at Grain SA’s Nampo Harvest Day 2022, the largest agricultural expo in the Southern Hemisphere!

According to Toit Wessels, Grain SA’s assistant manager for marketing and Nampo, about 73,000 visitors attended the annual event held from 16 to 20 May 2022. This year’s event follows a two-year Covid-19 break.

Wood-Mizer’s association with Nampo goes back to 2016. The company’s display of timber processing solutions offers farmers, land-care specialists, and visitors insight into advances made in timber beneficiation technology.

Wood-Mizer’s technologies are perfect for farmers seeing to boost profits and sustainable land-management practices by prioritising the sustainable use of their trees.

The range includes solutions across the timber value addition chain, from forest to final form. It consists of narrowband portable and industrial sawmills, wideband sawmilling equipment, resaws, board edgers, kilns, woodworking machines, materials handling, sawmill blades, and blade maintenance equipment.

Bruce Husi, Wood-Mizer’s regional sales director for Africa, describes Nampo as a one-of-a-kind event.

“It brings stakeholders from across Africa and even abroad together to offer a unique perspective on the latest advances in agri-land care technology, services, products, and related industries.

“Farmers get to see how to build profitable timber businesses with trees on farms using our technology. We also reach a much wider audience at Nampo. Anyone interested in and passionate about timber can use our products to build timber businesses that work.”

Nusi says Nampo is a unique brand-building opportunity for Wood-Mizer. The high visitor count past the Wood-Mizer stand let us introduce the brand to the uninitiated. Existing customers deepen their association with us while new leads from the show drive sales into the future.”

Looking to the future, Lee Pauls, the sales manager for South Africa, says, “Wood-Mizer’s plans are far advanced to make Nampo 2023 even more extensive. A larger stand, partnerships with other role players in the timber sector at Nampo will drive interest in timber production and increase sales from the event”.


Nampo visitors watch a WoodMizer cutting a cant

Nampo visitors watch a WoodMizer cutting.