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PG Bison is commissioning the state-of-the-art medium-density fibreboard (MDF) line at its Mkhondo manufacturing facility in June 2024, one month ahead of schedule and on budget, with full commercial production starting in July 2024.

Gerhard Victor, CEO of PG Bison, is proud of the company’s achievements. The Contiroll line is the largest in Africa, increasing PG Bison’s MDF
capacity by 780 cubic meters per day, taking its total installed MDF capacity to 1,180 cubic meters per day across its Boksburg and Mkhondo plants.

The new MDF line and recently enhanced particleboard line establish the PG Bison Mkhondo cluster as a comprehensive manufacturing facility for wood-based panel products. This unique setup is Africa’s sole facility integrating a particleboard line, an MDF line, upgrade facilities, resin manufacturing, and paper treaters within one site.

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