Kiln Drying

Sawmilling and wood processing equipment supplier, Nukor recently installed two HTR100 low-temperature high-pressure Brunner-Hildebrand dry kilns at RF Gevers sawmill near Vryheid in KwaZulu-Natal.

The double-track fully aluminium kilns have stainless steel heating systems in both plenums and booster heating between the tracks. The booster system facilitates heat transfer at low temperatures, which dries the timber in less time than high-temperature schedules. Individual heat control valves make the kilns highly energy efficient.

The HTR100’s high-pressure 100-bar water spraying system reduces moisture variations between timber species in the stack and the initial moisture content. It accurately controls the kiln climate without overshooting the required temperature while saving energy, water treatment and boiler maintenance.

The state-of-the-art kilns feature the manufacturer’s latest B-Vector controller. The kiln operator can choose between time-dependent or wood moisture-dependent drying schedules or apply a combination of both.

Brunner-Hildebrand recently introduced the innovative Hildebrand Weight Precision Technology (HWPT) weight-dependent drying system. The patented design is a new feature of the B-Vector kiln control software.

The manufacturer says the optional HWPT system is superior to standard in-kiln-probe and electrical resistance metering systems. It calculates the moisture content of the timber by using load cells to measure the weight of the whole stack wirelessly and can be installed on kiln carts.

Brunner-Hildebrand’s engineer worked with the Nukor and RF Gevers technical team to assemble the kilns. Immediately after installation, the kilns were commissioned, operators trained, and drying began.

“We have received excellent feedback from the sawmill management, who are happy with the performance of the kilns. Our top-quality kiln design and customisable B-Vector control system achieve much higher timber quality than their existing kilns.”