The Biesse Group's head quarters in Pesaro Italy.

The Biesse Group’s head quarters in Pesaro Italy.

By Joy Crane

Biesse’s Facebook page counted down the days to an important announcement. On 4 March, the trade markets director Gianluca Ticchi revealed that “we are proud to announce that our new partner in South Africa is DKD Machine Services.”

“The partnership is an alliance based on common values. The very core of Biesse’s relationship with DKD is its capability to offer and support the best technologies in a strategic market,” says Michele Tappa, Biesse’s trade markets regional sales manager.

“Biesse and DKD are developing a dedicated business plan establishing long-term cooperation for the coming years. Our top priority now is to focus on the South African market and ensure proper sales consulting and, above all, professional after-sales service,” states Tappa.


DKD Machine Services

Gys de Klerk and Kobus van Dyk, the co-owners and directors of DKD Machine Services, are delighted to represent the Biesse Group.

Both De Klerk and Van Dyk have mechanical engineering-related qualifications and years of experience working in mass manufacturing production environments. They have attended intensive training programmes at various machine manufacturers in Europe.

“We are Biesse-trained technicians and have installed, commissioned and supported the Group’s woodworking range in South Africa for over ten years,” says Van Dyk.

In 2013 they decided to establish a business using their initials for the company name. “We live in Cape Town and wanted to formalise our support for our customers in the Western Cape,” Van Dyk continues.

DKD’s reputation spread. Soon its technical team was on the road supporting furniture and kitchen manufacturers and cut-and-edge suppliers in the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

“Without realising it, we became a significant player in the installation, maintenance, and repairs of all major makes of woodworking machines,” explains De Klerk. It was time to expand, and in November 2021, Francois Els and Chris Hugo joined the team.

Els is a seasoned woodworking machinery marketing executive. Unlike many sales representatives, he and Hugo often roll up their sleeves and provide technical assistance for customers. Els has taken several groups of Biesse clients on study visits to Biesse. He has also attended specialised training on several occasions.

“DKD’s sales team has a thorough knowledge of Biesse’s brands and provides a solid foundation for the unsurpassed expertise of the technicians,” comments Els.


A Biesse Rover multi-axis CNC machine in action.

A Biesse Rover multi-axis CNC machine in action.

Biesse is worldwide

The Biesse Group was founded in 1969 and is Italy’s largest producer of woodworking machines. It has over 39 branches, 300 agents and certified dealers in 120 countries.

The group’s internationalisation process is one of the aspects of its business strategy that has contributed to its success worldwide. Over the last few years, it has strengthened its international presence in carefully identified strategic markets and opened additional branches in Israel, Brazil and Japan.

Tappa says Biesse designs and manufactures technologies according to its highest and most rigorous standards. “A minimal entry-level range of our technologies is produced in India rather than Europe. The only difference is that the shorter transport from India to Durban has a considerable impact on the final cost,” he explains.


Strong local brand awareness

Biesse’s brands and ranges are well established in South Africa. It includes Selco beam saws, Rover and Skipper CNC centres, Akron, Jade and Stream edgebanding machines, Cosmo cabinet presses, Brema drilling and milling machines, and Viet and Opera widebelt sanders.

“Biesse had a long and prosperous collaboration with Austro, and we thank them for their excellent work over many years,” Tappa says.

“Change is always good. We have entered the new partnership to expand our market coverage and improve our service delivery.”


Board optimising made easy.

Board optimising made easy.

New innovations and solutions

Like all machine manufacturers, Biesse is constantly evolving to offer innovation and technological solutions that meet and anticipate market trends. Recently it has invested a lot in automatic and robotic handling solutions and automatic supervising software.

It has introduced innovations across its range of machines. “Starting from our CNC range with the new Rover B High Dynamics and its twin router, the Rover A/S equipped with a very price-effective five-axis unit, and the many Smart solutions on our flat table machines range, says Tappa.

“We are presenting our latest Stream A Smart and Stream A edgebanders, the latter being a completely new, fantastic machine. Also, the Selco beam saws range is introducing many exciting solutions. And significant technological innovations are yet to come.”


Biesse Selco beam saws are popular in South Africa.

Biesse Academy

Tappa emphasises the fundamental importance of continuous training and improvement. “The Biesse Academy is our flagship and represents our commitment to high-quality service. Trained personnel are essential for Biesse because it improves service quality, localises skills, and develops the diagnostic knowledge and skills of our top-quality technicians.

“The Biesse Academy constantly updates and reinforces technical skills and helps optimise production and performance levels for customers. We provide on-demand online and on-site courses tailored to every need.”

Tappa says the Academy is the training and support centre for the Biesse Group’s entire service and dealer network. “It provides an average of 69,000 hours of training to all levels of personnel every year.”


Drilling and solid wood profiling.

Drilling and solid wood profiling.

Uninterrupted transition

“In an increasingly competitive market environment, long-term know-how, expertise and the highest levels of professionalism are critical success factors. It is a total commitment to customers, Tappa explains.

He assures South Africa’s Biesse customers of uninterrupted service delivery in the transition phase. “DKD has the experience and know-how, from pre-sales consultancy to after-sales service and supply of spare parts to provide our customers with a tailor-made service.

“You can count on the support of Biesse HQ and DKD.”


The new Stream invisible glue-line edgebander with touch-screen control panel

The new Stream invisible glue-line edgebander with touch-screen control panel.

Expanding customer focus

Van Dyk says DKD’s value proposition is “good communication with customers, quick response times and the ability to match production challenges with appropriate technical solutions”.

The company is opening two branches in Gauteng, one in Strydom Park in Randburg and the other in Germiston.

“Our teams of specialised technicians and sales professionals are ready to meet new challenges and grow Biesse’s local market share. Together, Biesse and DKD will effectively serve our customers,” promises Van Dyk.

Els had the last word in the official announcement video on Biesse’s Facebook page: “DKD now represents Biesse, and the best is yet to come. Stay tuned!”


Kobus van Dyk.

Kobus van Dyk.

Michele Tappa – Trade Markets Regional Sales Manager for the Biesse Group.

Francois Els.

Francois Els.

Gys de Klerk.

Gys de Klerk.