Ntokoza Mbili and Pamela Nortje with their ComplianceWire certificates.

Arxada’s South African-based company, Arch Wood Protection, has adopted ComplianceWire to facilitate and maintain its customer-focused culture of compliance with quality and regulatory standards.

Arxada is the global developer and supplier of quality-assured wood protection services and products, including the Tanalith and Vacsol Azure brands, in 32 countries. It has 26 manufacturing sites and 17 research and development centres employing over 3,800 people. The organisation uses ComplianceWire as its online training platform

“Introducing compliance training that promotes individual accountability across all sectors of our business makes regulation more than a necessary evil. Instead, it is a vehicle through which our staff can excel,” comments senior regional sales manager JJ du Plessis.

“With ComplianceWire we have a reporting system that ensures we meet regulatory requirements while providing opportunities for staff development.”

ComplianceWire is an integrated, cloud-based learning management portal assisting over 400 international clients that work in regulated manufacturing environments. Du Plessis says it is a valuable tool for training in ISO procedures according to the ISO 9001:2015 specification requirements.

“It is also beneficial in developing and reinforcing an understanding of personal and team responsibilities among production staff in manufacturing environments with high levels of safety and awareness,” he says.

“By using the most advanced training platform, we, as proud members of Arxada’s Arch Wood team, understand our roles in meeting compliance responsibilities and retaining the organisation’s good standing within the industry.

“The more we embed ethical values into our business behaviour, the less the likelihood of an unforeseen lapse or accident.”