Woodworkingsolid wood furniture

When we look at solid wood furniture, how many of us think about the tree and its forest, rain, groundwater, geophysical terrain, or the long and involved process of felling and cutting the tree into planks and the artisanship needed to craft it into a loved piece of furniture?

This is a tale of heritage and love. Once upon a time, there were two desks, and then a third came along. I inherited my first desk from my maternal grandfather when I was 14.

It was already 200 years old and had come from a British trading ship, along with the internal brass fittings that kept it screwed together and down onto the deck of the cabin. The second desk I inherited from my father’s father when I was in my 30s. It is an American roll-top desk manufactured in 1892, along with its curved swivel chair.

This one is especially significant for me as it was the desk my father sat at every evening from my childhood to just before he gave it to me.

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