USNR, a division of Wood Technologies International, has acquired Timber Automation, an industry leader in wood processing equipment and technology.

The amalgamation solidifies USNR’s leadership position in providing equipment and technology to the global wood processing industry, adding more than 250 employees and over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

The transaction helps Timber Automation gain wider market distribution for its state-of-the-art sawmill and woodyard equipment. At the same time, USNR benefits from the addition of Timber Automation’s highly-skilled team members and production capacity.


LogPro and Baxley

“The addition of Timber Automation’s LogPro line of log yard equipment represents a major market expansion for USNR. Their Baxley products, including optimisation, edgers, and lumber processing equipment, complement our product offerings. It provides our customers with more options of high-quality machinery,” said Dale Brown, president of USNR.

“We are also excited to build upon the valued-added business division’s highly innovative optimisation and grading solutions and the opportunity to bring those products to new markets,” said Brown.

“We knew that USNR was the right owner for Timber Automation from the outset,” said John Steck, president of Timber Automation.

“USNR’s reputation for doing right by the customer aligns perfectly with our company culture and values. This partnership will give us wider visibility and provide better customer solutions,” Steck explained.


End-to-end solutions

USNR, a division of Wood Technologies International, operates facilities across the United States, Canada, and Europe, including six large manufacturing plants. USNR is known worldwide for providing end-to-end solutions for sawmills and value-adding drymills.

The range includes debarkers, log lines, curve sawing gangs, edger lines, trim-sort-stack systems, dry kilns, and optimisation and control technologies that maximise the output and performance of the equipment.

USNR’s sister company, Burton Mill Solutions (formerly Wood Fiber Group), was formed in 2018 by consolidating several of the wood processing industry’s suppliers, including Simonds International, Burton Saw & Supply, BGR Saws and US Blades.

With a history dating back to 1832, Burton Mill Solutions is a North American manufacturer and supplier of industrial saw blades, machine knives, filing room equipment, sharpening services and vocational training to the lumber, pulp, and wood biomass industries. It is also the exclusive North American distributor of Vollmer’s circular saw sharpening machines.

The joining of USNR and Burton Mill Solutions created the Wood Technologies International group. It is an engineered automation equipment and solutions platform delivering sophisticated systems, consumable products, parts, and services to global wood processors.