Kiln DryingTermolegno drying kiln

Since Termolegno was established in 1994 by the Fornasier family, demand for the “100% designed and made in Italy” brand’s reliable and efficient drying solutions has grown enormously.

We aim to offer our clients a competent and innovative service. For this reason, we provide advanced machinery, ready to react to the different necessities rapidly and efficiently”, the company says in a press release.

Termolegno kilns are manufactured in an 8000 square metres factory and dispatched worldwide. Kilns are working in over 80 countries serviced directly or by one of the company’s 35 international representative agencies.

The range includes dryer kilns, steaming kilns, heat treatment (HT) kilns (ISPM 15), continuous drying kilns (CDK), and high-efficiency energy (HEE) kilns.

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